What you should know about Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls are powerful, if not a bit confusing

 So what is the so-called Next Generation Firewall?

Abbreviated as NGFW, it's a term popular with vendors, and favored by the Gartner consultancy, to describe newer types of firewalls that go far beyond the older, traditional port-based firewalls to include multi-purpose security defenses and identity-based application controls.

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What would those be?

NGFW is not a scientific term, so there's fluidity in its use for marketing purposes. But it's not just marketing hype either. The Gartner consultancy, which has favored the term NGFW for a number of years, is fairly set in what it expects to see in any security equipment calling itself "NGFW." Gartner's basic definition is having an impact on vendors deciding to develop more sophisticated firewalls that depart from traditions port-based inspection and controls.

What is Gartner's notion of NGFW?

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