Video-sharing and start-page sites neither sharing nor starting

There's downtime and then there's DOWNTIME.

From the bloggers at Pingdom, a Web performance monitoring company:

Both the video-sharing site Revver and the personalized start page service Pageflakes have been down since last Thursday, January 29. As of this writing, that is more than three-and-a-half days of straight downtime. ... The connection between the two? Both are owned by Live Universe, whose site is also unavailable.

Someone has some explaining to do.

(Update, 9:10: Looks as though Pageflakes is back.)

(Update 2, 10:20: Revver, too.)

(Update 3, 10:25: TechCrunch doesn't believe in resurrections.)

(Update 4, 11:10: Pingdom says I may have spoken too soon on Revver, although it's still working for me. Pingdom's across the pond, which may be why our milliage varies.)


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