5 ways to stop malware in the cloud

An analysis of data stored in cloud applications found that 4 out of every 100 files contains malware.

cloud security

SAN FRANCISCO -- It starts out innocently enough. You’re in HR and there’s a job opening that you’re hoping to fill as quickly as possible.

You send out a request for resumes, maybe on LinkedIn or another job-related site. All of a sudden you get a bunch of emails with resumes attached. So you decide to move the resumes to a cloud-based sync folder where other people on your team can access the resumes.

With automated sync, the resumes are quickly and efficiently shared. But there’s one problem. One of the resumes contained malware and now everyone on your team has been infected. Welcome to the world of “fan-out” malware, says Krishna Narayanaswamy, chief scientist at Netskope.

Narayanaswamy was speaking at the Cloud Security Alliance summit, which took place Monday in conjunction with the RSA Conference.

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