Nyansa’s Voyance expands to the IoT

Nyansa announced today that their flagship Voyance product can now apply its AI-based secret sauce to IoT devices, over and above the networking equipment and IT endpoints it could already manage.

Voyance – a network management product that leverages AI to automate the discovery of devices on the network and identify unusual behavior – has been around for two years now, and Nyansa says that it’s being used to observe a total of 25 million client devices operating across roughly 200 customer networks.

It’s a software-only product (available either via public SaaS or private cloud) that works by scanning a customer’s network and identifying every device attached to it, then establishing a behavioral baseline that will let it flag suspicious actions (e.g., sending a lot more data than other devices of its kind, connecting to unusual servers) and even perform automated root-cause analysis of network issues.

The process doesn’t happen instantaneously, particularly the creation of the baseline, but it’s designed to be minimally invasive to existing network management frameworks and easy to implement.

Nyansa said that the medical field has been one of the key targets for the newly IoT-enabled iteration of Voyance, and one early customer – Baptist Health, a Florida-based healthcare company that runs four hospitals and several other clinics and practices – said that Voyance IoT has offered a new level of visibility into the business’ complex array of connected diagnostic and treatment machines.

“In the past we didn’t have the ability to identify security concerns in this way, related to rogue devices on the enterprise network, and now we’re able to do that,” said CISO Thad Phillips.

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