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Storm worm strikes back at security pros; Taxis are biggest security risk to companies

Oct 25, 20073 mins

Latest security news.

Storm worm strikes back at security pros, 10/24/07: The Storm worm is fighting back against security researchers that seek to destroy it and has them running scared, Interop New York show attendees heard Tuesday.

TJX data breach affected 94 million cards, banks allege, 10/24/07: The TJX data breach affected more than 94 million credit and debit card accounts, more than twice the number acknowledged by the big retailer, a group of banks allege in a new court filing.

Taxis flagged as big security risk for mobile phones, laptops and digital assistants, 10/24/07: The biggest security threat to companies with a mobile workforce isn’t wardriving hackers stealing 1s and 0s from the air or burrowing through the corporate firewall; it’s absent-minded employees. During a six-month period in 2006, the publication reported, London taxicab drivers turned in the following electronic items to their lost-and-found departments:

63,315 mobile phones; 5,838 PDAs; 4,972 notebook computers

Payment-card security standards for wireless and Web applications debated, 10/24/07: Proposed new security standards governing wireless and applications from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council are stirring debate among merchants still struggling with PCI compliance on existing security standards.

CA advances mainframe security tools, 10/24/07: CA this week added automation and business intelligence features to five mainframe security software products designed to control access, manage entitlements, and audit and report on compliance across IBM z/OS systems.

Malware on the rise as criminals target vulnerable firms, 10/23/07: Malicious code that installs files such as Trojans, password stealers, keyboard loggers and other malware on users’ systems registered a fivefold increase in the first half of 2007, according to research released by Microsoft at the RSA Security conference in London.

Court leaks info of alleged ID thief, 10/23/07: Things just aren’t going well for Timothy Scott Short. Just days after a pair of tech support calls he made to printer manufacturer Digimarc resulted in his arrest, he now finds himself on the receiving end of a data breach.

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