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Microsoft and open source patents: What does it all mean?

May 18, 20073 mins
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Latest Linux and open source news. Feature Story: Microsoft threatens Linux users over 235 software patents

Microsoft and open source patents: What does it all mean? – LinuxWorld, 05/14/07

Microsoft believes that Linux and open source software violates 235 of its patents and it wants violators to pay up. The company for years has been bashing the open source community and this latest move may well be the bloodiest battle yet.

Red Hat still has sway – LinuxWorld, 05/14/07

While Red Hat has challenges to its overwhelming lead in the Linux server market, it’s still one of the most influential vendors in Linux and open source. And last week’s Red Hat Summit in San Diego showed that the company still has plenty of momentum and sway in the industry.

Curing mail madness with Emacs – LinuxWorld, 05/16/07

Drowning in e-mail? In this article, you’ll pick up a few tips for breaking the cycle of ever-accumulating inboxes.:

More of this week’s Linux news

Microsoft patent claims complicated by GPLv3 – LinuxWorld, 05/16/07

The expected approval of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) could further muddy the waters for Microsoft Corp.’s claims it will collect payment on its patents for Linux technology.

Kernel space: the trouble with volatile – LinuxWorld, 05/16/07

Kernel code has to handle volatile data, but if you see the C keyword “volatile” in the kernel, it’s a mistake. Here’s why.

CalemEAM offers open source enterprise IT asset management – LinuxWorld, 05/16/07

One new open source management tool to keep an eye on is CalemEAM; the Web-based software package could help administrators manage the purchase, inventorying and maintenance of enterprise IT assets — such as PCs, servers, and network gear.

Funambol upgrades open source BlackBerry rival – LinuxWorld, 05/15/07

Funambol is offering a new version of its open source software for delivering push e-mail, address book and calendar functions similar to those available on BlackBerry devices.

Mozilla service opens up mobile Web – LinuxWorld, 05/15/07

Mozilla developers are experimenting with a service that lets users store online content on a remote server and access that information on cell phones.

Norway considers requiring open document formats – LinuxWorld, 05/15/07

Norway is considering mandating the use of the Open Document Format and Portable Document Format, which could eventually reduce the use of Microsoft Corp.’s Office software in the country.

Software aimed at multicore chips gain boost from AMD – LinuxWorld, 05/15/07

Software developers aiming to tweak their applications for multicore microprocessors have gained a boost from Advanced Micro Devices at a Sunnyvale, Calif., developer center packed with computers running on multicore AMD microprocessors.

Sun develops mobile chips for ARM – LinuxWorld, 05/15/07

Sun, in its continual rollout of processors from its new Microelectronics division, is making a multithreaded chip for various embedded and mobile devices.

McNealy sees room for Sun’s scripting language – LinuxWorld, 05/14/07

Speaking at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Sun Microsystems chairman Scott McNealy rejected any notion that the company’s new JavaFX Script scripting language might have trouble gaining traction in a crowded market.

Intel linking Itanium to Java – LinuxWorld, 05/14/07

Intel officials on Wednesday will tout intentions to enable Java to run on the company’s 64-bit Itanium processor, but Sun Microsystems, for its part, is not set to build any hardware that would utilize the chip.

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Microsoft patent threats vs. IT startups: Larry Augustin, 05/16/07

In this week’s podcast, open source investor and board member Larry Augustin explains the difference between ordinary IT patent licensing and this week’s vague software patent threats from Microsoft.