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The Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router

Mar 02, 20063 mins
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The Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router

Need to share a wireless WAN connection with multiple users? Keith’s got the tool for you: A wireless router from Kyocera that uses an EV-DO card for it’s Internet connection.

Power your devices more easily

In a “powerful” show, Keith looks at the PowerSquid surge protector that easily accomodates large plugs and the Tripp Lite Smart 1000 LCD that protects your stuff in a power outage or voltage dip.


Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router provides instant broadband wireless access for multiple users

The KR1 Mobile Router looks like an ordinary wireless LAN (WLAN) router, until you notice that there’s no WAN Ethernet port on the back. Instead, you can slide a wireless WAN card (such as Kyocera’s KPC650 card, which accesses the Verizon Wireless CDMA EV-DO network) to provide wireless WAN capabilities. In addition, a cell phone customer with an EV-DO data plan can connect via a USB cable to provide the WAN connection.


Samsung Camera launches new models in advance of PMA 2006 show

The Photo Marketing Association’s (PMA) 2006 show starts Sunday in Orlando, which means there will be a lot of news on the digital photography and imaging front over the next few days.

Lenovo launches Lenovo-branded PCs worldwide

Lenovo today announced the first-ever Lenovo-branded PCs (previous versions included the IBM and/or ThinkPad brands) worldwide. Geared towards small businesses, the Lenovo 3000 product line includes several new desktop and notebook models in a new silver chassis.

Another way to optimize your surge protector

In this week’s Cool Tools column, I reviewed the PowerSquid, a surge protector with a new design that lets you attach bulkier brick-like power adapters to conserve space.

Pretty up your gadgets with professional skins

The extent of the personalization on any of my gadgets is a Hulk sticker that my nephew placed on my cell phone (see picture). For more professional “skins” for a range of your electronic devices, you should check out the selection at

New BenQ monitors features 6ms response time

BenQ today launched two new monitors aimed at both the professional and home user – the new FP93G (19-inch, $329 estimated price, available in March) and FP73G (17-inch, $249 estimated price, available in March, pictured) monitors include 6ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio and D-Sub/DVI dual inputs (for connecting either an analog or digital cable from the PC).

Toshiba updates Qosmio notebook, lowers price

One of our favorite notebooks got an upgrade and a price break – nice.

Easy way to transfer cell phone contacts

If your cell phone is old and you’re dreading typing in all of your contacts into the new phone, you might want to cough up $40 for Spark Technology’s CellStik device.

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