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Stampede enhances client-side acceleration

Apr 25, 20062 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Stampede intros Acceleration On-Demand

Stampede Technologies next week plans to introduce at Interop Las Vegas a client software technology, dubbed Acceleration On-Demand, which the company says will speed application traffic to end-user machines without necessarily installing software on every device.

Acceleration On-Demand enables clients located anywhere to receive the same application acceleration features as those at corporate or branch offices, tapping into the company’s appliances. The software can be installed on client machines, accessed via an appliance in a remote office, or now it can be delivered within a browser based on predefined policies. The technology, for example, would be “injected” into the browser much like when Adobe updates its software on client machines.

Acceleration On-Demand starts to work as soon as the Web page is activated, and clients requesting applications that have been designated for acceleration would get the benefits of a faster application via the browser – regardless of their connection back to the corporate data center. This software works with either Stampede’s Application Acceleration Series or Web 2.0 Performance Series appliances, which are installed in the data center.

“More and more people are moving to a browser-based interface in terms of their application delivery interface,” says Joe Skorupa, research director at Gartner, which recently said the market grew to $1.2 billion.

“Having client software that would accelerate application traffic is a practical delivery mechanism considering the number of home or small office and mobile workers. They aren’t going to strap an appliance to their laptops,” Skorupa says.

Acceleration On-Demand is scheduled to be available in August as part of the Stampede Application Acceleration Series or the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series Solutions. Client licensing starts at $35 for a single license and appliance pricing starts at $35,000.