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Vendors mix voice, mobile tools

Dec 06, 20054 mins
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Vendors mix voice, mobile tools, 12/05/05

Avaya and Symbol last week announced a product partnership aimed at delivering mobile IP telephony and computing to healthcare and retail customers.

FullArmor offering portal-based Windows management, 12/05/05

FullArmor also is integrating its Intellipolicy, which provides extensions for group policy, with PolicyPortal so users also can use policy for such tasks as printer setup, local administrator setup or denying the use of USB drives.

New software defends wireless laptops, 12/05/05

Network Chemistry is extending its security software to cover laptops running various kinds of wireless connections.

Nokia pushes harder for enterprise mobility, 12/05/05

Nokia’s recently announced plan to buy Intellisync, a wireless e-mail vendor, for $430 million will give the cell phone giant key software for crafting mobile data applications for business.

Users urge BlackBerry maker to settle, 12/05/05

The latest setback for Research in Motion in its long-running patent infringement battle has at least some users saying it is time for the BlackBerry maker to give up the fight and settle.

The home network of the future, 12/05/05

Thinking like an IT guy will save you money and frustration down the road.

Linking networks wirelessly, 12/05/05

Can you tell me whether it’s possible to have two wireless routers communicate with each other via their wireless protocol? I’m hoping to add an Ethernet access point at a remote location in my house without having to run a copper cable. I have a …

Orange, Cingular team on corporate cellular service, 12/05/05

Two big mobile phone operators, one in the U.S., the other in Europe, are teaming to offer tailored services to multinational companies operating on both sides of the Atlantic.

Opinion: ZigBee: What’s in it for me?, 12/05/05

ZigBee is expected to become a global specification for reliable, cost-effective, low-power wireless applications, providing interoperability and desirable radio frequency performance characteristics.

Cool Tools: Oakley Thump 2 improves MP3 eyewear; an easier way to record radio streams, 12/05/05

Oakley Thump 2 improves MP3 eyewear; an easier way to record radio streams

Patent office rejects NTP claim in RIM case, 12/02/05

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (UPTO) has rejected an NTP patent that is part of the ongoing legal spat between the company and Research in Motion. NTP contends that RIM’s popular BlackBerry wireless device infringes five of its patents.

Google’s seven-year itch, 12/01/05

Google is invincible. Right? Not really. Despite its success, Google, which celebrated its seventh anniversary in September, faces many challenges. How it deals with those challenges will determine whether the company will still be considered a winner …

‘Hot spots of the world unite’ says Fon, 12/01/05

Fon calls itself a movement. It has a manifesto and uses words like solidarity and revolution. The design of Fon’s Web site is reminiscent of Soviet propaganda art. Fon comes complete with its own lingo, with participants known as Foneros, Bills, …

Avaya and Symbol combine voice, mobile technologies, 12/01/05

Symbol Technologies Inc. and Avaya Inc. Thursday jointly unveiled a handheld computer from Symbol that works wirelessly with Avaya’s IP telephony software and applications.

RIM one step closer to Judgment Day?, 12/01/05

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has lost its latest move in the long-running patent infringement case brought by NTP, according to published reports.

Samsung’s plea accepted, price fixing case ends, 12/01/05

Samsung Electronics and its U.S. subsidiary Samsung Semiconductor Wednesday ended a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into its participation in an international DRAM price fixing conspiracy by officially entering in court its guilty plea and …

Newsletter: WLANs keep going strong, 12/01/05

If there’s one area of LANs where the hyperbole truly remains hyperbolic, it’s wireless LANs.

Managing public mesh Wi-Fi service-level expectations, 11/30/05

Until deployments ramp up to near-mainstream status, the jury will likely remain out on whether Wi-Fi is an apt technology upon which to base public …

RIM faces BlackBerry suits in Europe, 11/30/05

In addition to a long-running lawsuit in the U.S. that is expected to come to a head soon, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion is now also facing a series of lawsuits in Europe. This week, a five-day hearing began in the U.K. involving several patent- …

Arizona city moves ahead with citywide wireless plans, 11/29/05

Tempe, Ariz., moved ahead this week with plans to become the first U.S. city to offer wireless communications across its entire community with a network called WAZTempe. The 40-square-mile city is working in a partnership with NeoReach Wireless and …

Netgear settles wireless class-action suit, 11/29/05

Netgear has settled a class-action lawsuit that claimed the wireless LAN vendor exaggerated the true data speeds of its equipment. The company paid claimants $700,000, agreed to change its advertising (to the equivalent of “your actual throughput may vary”), to offer a 15% discounts to …