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Why you need to demand remediation features

Jan 10, 20062 mins
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* Remediation can ease end-user frustration and save valuable time

Much VPN technology is deployed to provide remote access for corporate users, so it must be easy to use and pretty much foolproof from the end-user perspective.

Because businesses rely on mobile employees to generate revenue, tying mobile workers in to business networks as painlessly as possible becomes important to the bottom line. And, more specific to IT departments, painless remote access translates in to fewer help desk calls that, if left unchecked, can create a significant drain on manpower.

At the same time, VPN-connected machines also represent new points for bad guys to attack. To mitigate this, vendors arrange for software – either their own or a partner’s – that checks the integrity of remote machines before they win access to the VPN.

Some vendors, but not all, also provide remediation software that corrects the discovered shortcomings of the remote computer. So if a compliance scan reveals anti-virus software that is out of date, the end user might get a screen that says click here to update virus signatures – a feature that can ease end-user frustration and save valuable time.

Remediation is a feature customers should not only look for but also start to demand from vendors. It is possible to provide this feature now and it should become table stakes when businesses are setting up their requirements for a VPN purchase.