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IBM Tivoli digs deeper into app transactions

Oct 06, 20042 mins

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IBM Tivoli digs deeper into app transactions, 10/04/04

IBM Tivoli last week announced it has upgraded its application performance management software to more accurately identify network troubles and speed problem resolution.

Microsoft, HP, IBM safe from Kodak software patent, 10/05/04

Though a Friday patent lawsuit verdict against Sun could potentially have a wide-ranging impact on the computer industry, the ruling appears unlikely to affect three of the world’s largest IT companies, who have licensed the technology in question. HP …

BMC rounds out SmartDBA family with IMS mainframe, 10/04/04

BMC has added IBM’s IMS mainframe database to the platforms supported by its SmartDBA family of products, completing a two-year mission to provide tools for managing all of the major databases from a single, Web-based console.

IBM pays $320 million to partially settle pension case, 09/30/04

IBM said Wednesday it will take a $320 million charge this quarter to settle some claims and cap its liability on others in a long-running class-action dispute about changes made in the 1990s to its pension plan.

IBM reclaims top supercomputer crown for U.S., 09/29/04

For the first time since 2002, Japan’s Earth Simulator is not the most powerful supercomputer on the planet.