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A Brief Missive

Nov 26, 20032 mins
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I awoke this morning with a devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Vorticians,

A brief missive from me this week, as I know that many of you are busy with last-minute work details and some – the lucky – have already slipped away from the office.

Vortex Digest celebrated its three-year anniversary in September and there are now nearly 7,000 subscribers. I’m very thankful for the support of the Vortex community and to all the friends, old and new, who read and contribute to this newsletter. Subscriber is a pale and lifeless word to describe you. It doesn’t capture your involvement and your insight. Thanks to all the Vorticians who write, call or otherwise stay in touch to tell me when I’m on the right track or when I’ve lost my intellectual way.

Case in point: Vortician Patrick Bowman, who is among the many who have written about my recent column on killing the FCC. “John, this is not a good idea, as there are too many examples (California & the power debacle for one) that point against killing the FCC. What we need are people with vision, and the forgotten ability to make decisions that are for the common good, as well as the ability to discern the path that is best for long-term growth and stability.”

Amen and thanks Patrick. Wise words as we head pell-mell into the holiday season. I’ll share more such wise words next week but, for now, settle in for some turkey and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.