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Salira broadens PON line

Feb 16, 20042 mins

* Salira Optical Network Systems with DSL, customer premises equipment

Salira Optical Network Systems is broadening its passive optical networking (PON) product line with customer premises gear and two remote DSL access multiplexers.

Salira’s 2330 optical network unit is designed for placement at a single customer’s site. It sports a single 100M bit/sec Ethernet port and two T-1 ports. 

The other two remote devices are the 2310 and 2311, which can terminate 24 ports of very high-speed DSL at the end of a fiber network. They come with an option for four T-1 ports.

The 2310 supports QAM DSL modulation, and the 2311 supports DMT DSL modulation.

The company is also introducing new line cards for its PON head-end device, the Salira 2500. One is an OC-3 card with two ports and the other is a T-1 with 32 ports. The 2500 terminates optical connections and cross-connects traffic to customer downlinks.

Salira is also shipping a Web version of its Salira Access Management software called Web SAM. It is designed to give technical staff access to devices when they are not in the network operations center. While SAM can support multiple devices simultaneously, Web SAM can manage one device at a time.

Salira competes against Alcatel, Alloptic, Quantum Bridge, Terawave and NEC Eluminant.

Salira does not release its pricing.