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SSL/OpenSSL vulnerability patched

Mar 18, 20043 mins

* Patches from HP, Macromedia, Debian, others * Beware yet another variant of the Agobot family of Trojans * Mgmt. matters: Ace Hardware simplifies security management, and other interesting reading

Today’s bug patches and security alerts:

SSL vulnerability could bring down Cisco LAN/WAN gear

Cisco warns that an implementation of Secure Sockets Layer on some of its switches, routers and firewalls could leave these devices vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack. Network World Fusion, 03/17/04.

Cisco advisory:

OpenSSL advisory:

More SSL and OpenSSL patches:



Red Hat:



HP patches Web-based Management System

A security flaw in HP’s Web-based Management System could allow someone without any privileges to gain remote access to the infected system with administrator rights. For more, go to:


Macromedia patches flaw in ColdFusion MX and JRun 4.0

A flaw in the way Macromedia’s ColdFusion MX and JRun 4.0 handle certain SOAP-based Web services could be exploited in a denial-of-service attack against the affected machine. An update can be downloaded here:


Debian patches gdk-pixbuf

A flaw in the way BMP files are handled by gdk-pixbuf, the GdkPixBuf image library for Gtk, could be used to crash the application using the library. For more, go to:


Red Hat patches Mozilla bug

An update is available for Red Hat’s Mozilla implementation that fixes the way certain S/MIME types are handled. For more, go to:


Today’s roundup of virus alerts:

Troj/Bdoor-CCK – A backdoor Trojan that drops the file ‘WMER.HTM’ into the Windows help folder. (Sophos)

W32/Protoride-F – This virus spreads via network shares and installs a backdoor on the infected machine accessible by IRC. (Sophos)

Troj/Prorat-D – Another backdoor Trojan that may try to counter its removal from the infected system. (Sophos)

W32/Agobot-ED – Yet another variant of the Agobot family of Trojan horse viruses that installs an IRC-accessible backdoor and terminates certain security and anti-virus applications. (Sophos)

W32/Agobot-FG – Similar to Agobot-ED, this Trojan tries to exploit the DCOM and RPC flaws in Windows to install its malicious code. (Sophos)


From the interesting reading department:

Vericept announces anti-fraud product aimed at identity theft problem

Vericept this week announced a software-based anti-fraud product that monitors the outbound IP-based communications of an enterprise in order to prevent loss of sensitive data that could lead to identity theft. Network World Fusion, 03/17/04.

Mgmt. matters: Ace Hardware simplifies security management

This is the third in a special Fusion series spotlighting enterprise network managers’ innovative use of management products to automate processes, prevent outages and save money. Stay tuned for more. Network World Fusion, 03/17/04.