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NetFlash: WLAN managers see cavalry coming

Jun 24, 20032 mins

If you’re going to deploy a big-time wireless LAN, you have to deploy oodles of access points – and those access points aren’t just going to manage themselves. That’s the focus of the second part of our two-part series on WLANs: How do you get your arms around managing something so new and so complex?

WLAN managers see cavalry coming

Nortel tries to stack up

Nortel is refreshing its line of LAN switches with a stackable option that will go head-to-head against Cisco’s new Catalyst 3750 and 3Com’s switches with XRN technology.

IBM opens supercomputing-on-demand facility

IBM customers looking for some extra processing power can now lease supercomputer-sized Linux and Unix clusters over the Internet, thanks to a new computing facility that Big Blue will open on Tuesday.

DNS marks 20th birthday

The database system that sends Web surfers to the right page and gets e-mail messages where they need to go turned 20 years old on Monday. DNS had its first successful test on June 23, 1983, at the University of Southern California School of Engineering’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI), in Marina del Rey, Calif., said Paul Mockapetris, the researcher who invented the system.

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