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by M.E. Kabay

NIETP announces COEs

Jul 01, 20033 mins

* National INFOSEC Education and Training Program’s new COEs

Norwich University was among the third wave of Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (referred to as COEs for short) named by the National INFOSEC Education and Training Program.

The COE program is succinctly described by the NIETP:

“The NSA’s Deputy Director for Information Systems Security created the National INFOSEC Education and Training Program (NIETP). This action recognizes that NSA needs to play a leadership role in security education and responds to a need expressed by the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee (NSTISSC).

“Its Mission is to be a leading advocate for improving national security Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) education and training nationwide.

“Its Goal is to ensure that personnel in all government departments and agencies are trained to safeguard national security information systems by enhancing the INFOSEC knowledge, skills and abilities of the American work force and school populations via community-based education and training programs which are national in focus, future-oriented, multi-dimensional and tied to technology and business.”

The designation allows institutions to sponsor students for the NSF Scholarship for Service (SFS) program and the DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program. These programs offer full tuition, expenses, and a stipend to qualifying students for the final two years of undergraduate or graduate degrees and are followed by two years of service at full pay in government jobs – often with a security clearance added (worth a great deal of extra salary in many later jobs).

At the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education 2003 > held recently in Washington, D.C., the NIETP announced 14 new COEs. I hope that the following list of links will encourage some readers to spread the news to eligible students and to look into furthering their own academic credentials by taking advantage of the opportunities at these newly recognized centers:

Auburn University

Capitol College (Md.)

East Stroudsburg University (Pa.)

Pennsylvania State University

Portland State University (Ore.)

Stevens Institute of Technology (N.J.)

Texas A&M University

University of Dallas (Texas)

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

University of Pennsylvania

University of Virginia

Walsh College (Mich.)

The new institutions bring the total to 50. At the CISSE, all of the original group named in 2000 were also declared as recertified using recently strengthened criteria:

* Carnegie Mellon University (Pa.)

* Florida State University

* Information Resources Management College of the National Defense University (D.C.)

* Naval Postgraduate School (Calif.)

* Stanford University (Calif.)

* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Ill.)

* University of Tulsa (Okla.)

Congratulations to everyone involved in these programs.