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Aventail simplifies remote access to client-server apps

Aug 07, 20032 mins

* Aventail OnDemand 3.0 enables smoother configuration

Aventail is rolling out an updated version of its software that aims to make it simpler to set up access to client-server applications via its Secure Sockets Layer remote access gear.

OnDemand 3.0 adds support for dynamic-port applications such as SAP and Siebel that use unpredictable firewall ports. Previously the software could not gather as much data about what ports were being used so had trouble supporting these applications.

The new software version also features a tool that makes it faster to configure. Previous versions required users to enter more data about the particular network and how it was configured. The new version’s One-Click feature is for Windows platforms which means users no longer have to make separate entries for each application that is made available to remote users.

Aventail is also adding a feature called Dynamic Redirection that automatically routes appropriate traffic to the SSL connection without making changes to desktops, applications or the corporate DNS infrastructure. This eliminates some time-consuming steps. Aventail says that many businesses are reluctant to tinker with their DNS.

OnDemand is one of three options Aventail offers for remote access. One option is for access to Web-based applications only and the other is Aventail Connect, a software download that enables network-layer access to corporate sites. The Web access and OnDemand operate at the application layer.

OnDemand 3.0 is available now with new purchases and is a free upgrade to customers with support contracts.