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Pivia creates accelerator for Plumtree

Aug 28, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Pivia software is tailored for Plumtree Corporate Portal

Web acceleration vendor Pivia recently announced it has partnered with Plumtree to provide customers with the Pivia Performance Server Plumtree Edition.

The Pivia software is pre-configured to optimize performance for the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. Plumtree delivers portal products that bring traditional resources together in a Web environment. Pivia speeds content delivery to remote and low-bandwidth environments to help users access the same content and resources as they would with a high-bandwidth network connection, the company says.

Pivia Performance Server Plumtree Edition would be installed in front of a Plumtree Corporate Portal. The software can improve the portal’s end-to-end performance by compressing Web pages, accelerating page load times, and increasing simultaneous connections.

Pivia says its software can cache static and dynamic content passing to and from the Plumtree portal. It can pool connections to reduce overhead incurred by origin servers and to manage large numbers of open connections. And it can offload Secure Sockets Layer traffic from the origin servers to reduce the size and amount of encrypted traffic handled by the infrastructure.

Enterprise Web managers can view real-time reports on the performance of content through a monitoring and reporting console. The Pivia software also includes pre-configured policies for Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5 and 5.0.

In other news, Pivia announced that Amerada Hess, a international oil and gas company, selected Pivia Performance Server to accelerate the company’s intranet and employee portal,

Amerada employees use as a common access point to companywide mission-critical applications and other departmental business applications. Amerada IT officials were looking for a product that would provide ease of implementation and scalability. They also wanted the ability to support traffic growth, manageability tools and the ability to fine-tune the software.

“Amerada Hess’ objective is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of all Web-based applications. With varying qualities of network access from remote locations to the centralized employee portal and applications, increasing performance and accessibility to are important goals,” Calum McRae, portal manager at Amerada Hess, said in a statement.