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Neoteris enhances wireless support

Sep 11, 20032 mins
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* Neoteris updates IVE to support Pocket IE, Lotus Mobile Notes, Outlook Mobile Access

Secure Sockets Layer remote access vendor Neorteris this week is extending custom support of remote machines to wireless PDAs and cell phones with software that renders pages specifically for their tiny screens.

In particular, the vendor’s Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) servers now support Pocket Internet Explorer (IE) as well as Lotus Mobile Notes and Outlook Mobile Access, which means end users can access these applications from these pint-size devices.

Pocket PC devices that support Pocket IE include Casio Cassiopeia, Compaq iPAQ, HP Jordana and Toshiba Genio.

The new software also supports Symbian-based microbrowsers on cell phones made by Nokia, Psion and Sony/Erissson. The software displays specially formatted screens for Neoteris’ login page, Lotus Mobile Notes, and Outlook Mobile Access.

Without this support, the pages would be formatted for larger screens making them virtually unreadable.

This is done without downloading mini clients – either as Java applets or XML scripts  – which are used by some other vendors. These mini-clients, which have to be downloaded at the start of each session, slow the process down in two ways. First, they have to be downloaded, which takes time. Second, they tax the limited processing power of the devices making the actual downloads of application screens even slower.

Minimizing downloads is essential on these devices because they typically have low bandwidth available over their wireless networks and they run on batteries, which run down over time.

The new IVE software also supports Web-base applications and Web e-mail for these devices.

These new features are available now.