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Whale enables users to reestablish passwords

Oct 02, 20032 mins
NetworkingRemote AccessSecurity

* Tighter integration between Whale e-Gap and third party back-end password mgmt. systems

Whale Communications has upgraded its Secure Sockets Layer remote access gear to make it easier for remote users to reestablish passwords they have let expire.

By improving the integration between Whale e-Gap appliances and third party back-end password management systems, users aren’t stuck calling the help desk if their password isn’t up to date.

Before, if a password had expired, e-Gap would check with whatever back-end system the customer used – Active Directory, RADIUS, etc. – and display a message that the logon failed.

Now the e-Gap can be configured to display a message that the password has expired, and prompt the remote user to reset it. The message can be tailored to tell the user that the password is about to expire, as well. Administrators also still have the option to have remote users contact the help desk as before.

At the moment, the new capability works with IBM’s RACF and PistolStar password management platforms, but can be quickly adapted to support any other third-party password-management products, Whale claims. The company says it will expand its support to other platforms as customer demand dictates.

This fits in with Whale’s past practices of adding management features surrounding its core SSL access platform to make it simpler and more secure to use. It says that in an effort to deliver such features quickly, it will continue to collaborate with other vendors to support such features rather than create their own.

The new capability is part of the standard e-Gap platform at no extra charge. Existing customers can get it as a free upgrade.