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Rainbow opens a new iGate for SMBs

Oct 21, 20032 mins

* Rainbow releases iGate Pro and iGate Team

Rainbow Technologies has released two Secure Sockets Layer remote-access devices for small and midsize businesses.

The iGate Pro is aimed at midsize companies and iGate Team is targeted at smaller businesses. Igate Pro is the rough equivalent of the company’s previous appliance called simply iGate, which will be phased out. New customers will be directed toward iGate Pro, the company says.

Rainbow also makes a line of authentication-token hardware that plugs into USB ports on PCs and it has integrated the software necessary to support the tokens in its SSL appliances. This offers customers the option of two-factor authentication using a token.

Both the new iGates are 1-rack unit tall. The Pro model includes an SSL acceleration card to handle encryption as well as a new feature, compression of HTTP traffic. The Team model encrypts using a general processor and software and does not include HTTP compression. Both devices have a high-availability port to connect with a second, back-up box, which can take over if the primary one fails.

Rainbow is adding support for client-server applications over the SSL connections, something its competitors have offered in some cases for more than a year. It also does not support full network-layer access to corporate resources, again something many of its competitors offer.

IGates are priced by the number of concurrent-user licenses and the number of iKey authentication tokens. IGate Team starts at $8,000 and iGate Pro starts at $23,000. IGate Team supports a maximum of 100 concurrent users, and iGate Pro supports 1,000. Both models are available now.