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Riverstone hires Pipal

Jan 14, 20032 mins
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* As WaveSmith waves bye bye to a founder, Burnham surfaces, and Nortel presents PartnerMan

Riverstone Networks strengthens its Multi-protocol Label Switching and Ethernet aggregation capabilities with the acquisition of a small start-up founded by ex-Nortel and Redback officials. Still in the development stage, Pipal Systems’ founders have authored several IETF requests for comment on broadband aggregation concepts and techniques, such as the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and subscriber management systems.

Riverstone for now is remaining tight-lipped on how it will use Pipal’s technology, but this spring the company promises to open the kimono… a little bit anyway.

WaveSmith has revamped its management ranks with four new executives as it prepares for life as a revenue-generating company. At the same time, WaveSmith CTO and founder Bob Dalias is leaving the full-time ranks of the multiservice edge switch maker, opting to consult and sit on the board before embarking on his next start-up venture. Three of the four new execs worked with WaveSmith CEO Tom Burkhardt in previous lives.

Speaking of executive shifts, Nortel has created a new position and named the president of its Asia operations to it. Masood Tariq will become Nortel’s president of global alliances, responsible for managing and expanding the company’s strategic alliances and partnerships. Tariq will be responsible for managing and enhancing current partnerships, as well as accelerating development of new relationships. And though Nortel PR drew a blank when asked, Tariq will apparently relinquish his Asia responsibilities to three other executives when he relocates to North America this spring.

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