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Mirror Image ramps up content service

Jan 14, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Mirror Image introduces content delivery service

Mirror Image last week made available instaContent Stream, a content delivery service that lets users publish, manage, deliver and analyze multimedia presentations over the Web to multiple users.

InstaContent Stream uses Mirror Image’s Content Access Point (CAP) network to regionally store and deliver multimedia files. The CAP network helps customers deliver content to users worldwide, regardless of location or Web traffic fluctuations. The company says instaContent Stream reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. The service includes media file support for multiple delivery platforms, including RealNetworks, Windows Media and QuickTime.

A report by Current Analysis says the service “marks a considerable improvement to the company’s previously lean streaming offering and the company’s newfound push to capitalize on the growing interest from enterprises in the multimedia market.” Yet the firm implies the new service won’t pose much of a threat to Mirror Image’s competitors in the streaming market. “Akamai, Speedera and Cable & Wireless already offer strong streaming portfolios with multiple delivery platforms and management capabilities,” the Current Analysis report says.

InstaContent Stream integrates multimedia publishing, management, delivery and analysis capabilities into a Web-based content management tool, providing control over multimedia content throughout the publishing and delivery lifecycle. When customers use the content management tool to upload multimedia to the CAP network, Mirror Image automatically distributes it to a CAP location for delivery to users around the world.

The service also provides secure access to online activity, trend analysis and traffic meters, including Web-based administrative reports on system usage, bandwidth consumption, storage consumption and audit trails.