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Warp puts out appliance

Jan 21, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Warp Solutions introduces acceleration appliance

A new appliance from Warp Solutions promises to let enterprise companies distribute applications, transactions and content across global IP-based networks.

The Warp 2063e is an edge appliance that maintains high levels of performance and availability while also distributing content, Warp says. It sits on a network’s edge to offload high-volume traffic and serve end-user requests from the closest node resource.

The Warp appliance takes advantage of traditional content-delivery networks to create an application-delivery network specifically suited to distributed ERP, supply chain, financial, CRM and other Web-based business applications from the edge of the network.

Warp says the appliance can increase an origin’s site capacity and performance, and also move application delivery closer to customers and end users across geographic locations. The appliance is said to reduce latency and speed transmission times and optimize network performance.

The Warp 2063e is part of Warp’s Global Transaction Enabled Network (GTEN) architecture, a series of products to improve network and server performance, and enable distributed application acceleration. As an edge appliance, the Warp 2063e is independent of the technology installed within an organization’s origin site, and can be added to existing Internet infrastructures without requiring any changes, software, or plug-ins.

The Warp 2063e features include advanced hardware Secure Sockets Layer acceleration capabilities, a Web interface, request queuing, content preservation, and SNMP monitoring.

Available today, the Warp 2063e starts at $80,000 per unit. The fault-tolerant appliance is configured within a 2U rack-mountable enclosure.