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Packeteer appliance speeds Web apps

Feb 04, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Packeteer ships acceleration appliance

Packeteer recently shipped an appliance the company says can speed intranet and Internet applications.

The AppCelera ICX-95 and ICX-95s Internet Content Accelerators combine Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) offload with last-mile Web acceleration.

The ICX-95 can handle more connections per second and greater throughput than previous platforms while reducing response times of Web applications by up to 80%, Packeteer says. The ICX-95s version accelerates security applications by processing more than 300 SSL transactions per second. The appliance also handles all the CPU-intensive SSL key negotiations and encryption functions, the company says.

The software embedded on the AppCelera ICX-95 and ICX-95s has also been upgraded. It now features better reporting, generating charts and graphs for users. The reports include data on metrics such as IP address range, URL, MIME type and connection speed, among others. Network managers can drill down through the graphical user interface to get more information from the reports as well.

The AppCelera ICX-95 is based on Packeteer’s C3 technology, which combines application-intelligent caching, compression and conversion to accelerate Web applications from server to desktop.

Each AppCelera ICX-95 base unit contains a dedicated SSL encryption/key processor card for optional Secure Content Acceleration that is activated by a software key upgrade. The base model is suited for accelerating mission-critical, Web-based applications across the enterprise intranet. The ICX-95s accelerates secure business applications that require more security and encryption technologies.

The AppCelera ICX-95 is currently available, with a list price of $24,000 for the product without SSL offload and $28,000 with the SSL capability.