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FineGround signs Blue Cross Blue Shield

Feb 11, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* What FineGround's Web-DENIS system can do for hospitals and physicians

FineGround Networks this week signed a deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to help the organization improve the performance of its Web-based information system for hospitals and physicians, called Web-DENIS.

The Web-DENIS system enables doctors at hospitals and in private offices to access patient insurance information, patient history and patient claims via a secure network. BCBSM chose the FineGround Condenser Application Acceleration Software Suite to support Web-DENIS. The hospital network said in a statement that its goals with the FineGround software purchase include optimizing application performance to capture and analyze patient data in real time.

Ed Burns, senior systems engineer for Web strategy and hosting at BCBSM, said in the statement that his organization chose the Condenser suite to help him and his staff better process, move and manage health claims information. He said the software could help the organization gain increased response time over security networks without burdening the existing infrastructure.

The FineGround Condenser Acceleration Suite combines several technologies to accelerate enterprise applications. It combines adaptive dynamic caching, delta optimization technology, flash-forward object acceleration, server connection offloading, Secure Sockets Layer offloading, and industry-standard compression.

FineGround Condenser software is currently available on Linux and Solaris. Hardware requirements vary.