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Sun, IBM introduce RISC-based servers

Mar 04, 20032 mins

* Sun, IBM separately unveil RISC- based servers

Sun and IBM both recently introduced RISC-based servers. Sun rolled out a low-end server that has been ruggedized for use in telecommunications and carrier environments, while IBM launched an entry-level Web server it claims offers high performance at a low cost.

Sun’s Netra 1280 is a rack-mounted 12-way system that is compliant with Network Equipment Building Standard (NEBS) Level 3. The server features lights-out management, hot-swappable CPU and memory boards, and dynamic reconfiguration. Dynamic reconfiguration allows changes to be made to the system configuration on the fly without taking down the server.

The server also uses UltraSPARC III CPUs and supports as much as 96G bytes of memory. The 12U-high server fits in rack-mount enclosures and is 22 inches deep. Sun claims this reduced depth is an advantage over servers from other vendors that fit in proprietary racks.

The Netra 1280 can be configured with Sun’s StorEdge 3310 NEBS-compliant DC-powered storage array.

The Netra 1280 starts at $90,000 for a four-processor configuration. It is available immediately.

IBM announced the eServer pSeries 630, which uses Power4+ processors and can be partitioned into as many as four virtual servers. This capability allows users to consolidate applications onto one machine, or test applications and deploy them on a single server. The pSeries 630 can run AIX and Linux operating systems.

IBM’s Power4+ processor uses the 0.13-micron process, allowing it to contain 180 million transistors. IBM’s advanced logical partitioning feature lets each server be carved up into the four partitions, which can run different applications or share processors to create larger workspaces.

The p630 starts at $19,025 and will be available this month.