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Redline delivers accelerator

Mar 11, 20032 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Redline Networks introduces accelerator appliance

Redline Networks this week released a data center appliance that the company says will provide accelerated Web application access across enterprise networks.

Redline Networks’ E/X 3250 Enterprise Web I/O Accelerator decreases the I/O workload on servers, which decreases the process scheduling and context swapping on the host server. With the TCP, HTTP and HTTPS processing moved to the Redline Networks Accelerator, individual user transactions are performed more quickly and far more users can be supported, the company says.

Redline’s portfolio of accelerators also shrinks bandwidth use through data optimization, data filtering and compression.

Redline says the appliance can enhance security and performance on applications from companies such as PeopleSoft, Lotus and Siebel. Redline claims it can speed application access time up to 90%, increase network efficiency to branch offices and remote users by 50% and up application serving capacity by 10 times.

Users can set the accelerator to automatically rewrite all HTTP requests to HTTPS for Secure Sockets Layer security – without rewriting application code.  And Client Certificate Authentication or NTLM support can be used to verify the identity of users attempting to access enterprise applications, further securing the enterprise environment.

The E/X appliance is available immediately, and it costs about $30,000.