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Speedera steps up security

May 15, 20032 mins
Enterprise ApplicationsSecurity

* SpeedEye allows site administrators to control Web site content

Content delivery network provider Speedera has a number of security services designed to protect content that traverses its network from outside threats. But what about security when it comes to internal concerns, such as who has access to Web sites and what content can be posted there?

This week, Speedera is introducing a service that addresses that issue. Called SpeedEye Access Manager it is a role-based security service that gives Web site administrators the ability to control Web site content. With Access manager, site administrators can set user access rights based on an employee’s role within the organization. For example, some employees may only have rights to handle static content, while others may be able to upload streaming media to the Speedera network.  Security rights can also be based on location or business unit. 

“I have multiple people in multiple cities who need to upload video to various locations,” says Craig Hutler, supervising producer at “If we had just one log in and password everyone would have access to the whole kit and caboodle, which I don’t want them to have. With [Access Manager] I can make sure they only have access to the section that pertains to them.”

In the past, Hutler says, all content went through him before it was put onto the Speedera network. “Which, you can imagine, really bogged me down.”

With Access Manager, Web site administrators can also ensure that only authorized users have access to reporting data and log files. The service rounds out Speedera’s security offerings, which include Secure Streaming, Secure Content Delivery and Secure Download. 

The SpeedEye Access Manager service is available immediately and prices start at $750 per month.