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Giving Face Tracking a try

Mar 04, 20031 min
Data Center

Finally got a chance to test the new Face Tracking feature available with Logitech’s QuickCam Zoom, QuickCam Pro 4000, or QuickCam for Notebooks Pro USB cameras. As I mentioned about six weeks ago, Logitech licensed the technology from A4Vision. Amazingly it actually works, sometimes a little too well as it will zoom in for an ultra close-up that the people viewing your video feed may not appreciate. I tested it using the QuickCam Pro 4000 hooked up to my laptop running Windows 2000. Remember, the idea of Face Tracking is to keep the subject’s face in view as they shift around in their seat, without having to manually move the camera. Using digital zooming, Face Track expands a camera’s perception from 10 degrees to 60 degrees.

Take a look at the test results (both are Windows Media progressive-download videos):

  • Without Face Tracking

  • Face Tracking enabled

If you’ve got one of the supported cameras, you can download the latest version of Logitech’s ImageStudio software for free and give Face Tracking your own test run.