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Free VMware (GSX) Server!

Feb 06, 20061 min
Data Center

VMware have just announced the release of VMware Server which they are making available for free!

VMware Server is really the company’s VMware GSX Server renamed. So, why would the VMware turn loose a product that has been selling for $1,400 for dual-processor servers and $2,800 for more powerful machines? The answer is to stave off the market encroachment from Microsoft’s Virtual PC on one hand and the open source virtualization product Xen on the other. And let’s not forget the proposed virtualization features of Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Vista. This is a bold move on VMware’s part and good for corporations with modest virtualization needs. If your company needs more features and facilities, fear not, VMware will still sell you their top end product, the VMware ESX Server.


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