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We’re not alone!

Mar 16, 20062 mins
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Yep, the club of all who have been given the run around by our telephone and broadband providers continues to grow! The kind of nonsense where everyone at the disservice provider shrugs their shoulders and tells you that nothing can be done until you have pulled out all your hair and have to struggle with barely suppressed homicial tendencies is happening to more and more people. A few of us manage to publicly air our grievences …

Gearhead readers may recall my random DSL service disconnetion by AT&T/SBC/Call ’em what you please back in January (I wrote about it here, here, here, and here). A friend of a friend by the name of eeka blogged her travails in dealing with Verizon. I’m sure I can speak for all of us in wishing her the best of luck because we know she’s going to need that and a lot of alcohol. This underlines my Backspin column this week arguing for a national broadband policy that defines minimum standards of performance and service. The sheer waste of time that follows these kinds of service provider idiocy are staggering. You want to see America become the third world of telecomms? Just leave things as they are.


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