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Carr vs. Scoble on blogging

Mar 27, 20061 min

Nicholas (“Does IT Matter?”) Carr paddles the backside of Robert (“Naked Conversations”) Scoble today after Microsoft’s rock-star blogger let his emotions get the better of him on several posts over the weekend.

Scoble acknowledges that he lost his composure, but still bristles at Carr’s portrayal of him as Exhibit A in the case against corporate blogging.

In his post, Carr offers up seven rules for businesses looking to have their employees blog, the first of which is “Don’t do it.” If you’re going to ignore the first one you should definitely read the other sixth.

As for Scoble’s view of the episode, he sees much validation of blogging where Carr sees largely risk.

“The blogosphere worked,” Scoble writes. “It told me violently and quickly I was wrong. I was. But that’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water.”

Maybe we should split the baby instead. Both men make their cases well.

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