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Aryaka broadens enterprise targets with managed SD-WAN, SASE services

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Dec 07, 20213 mins
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Aryaka expands managed WAN portfolio to offer more flexible enterprise options

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Aryaka Networks is looking to target more enterprises with a new managed secure access service edge (SASE) offering and an improved, lower cost SD-WAN offerings.

Aryaka is known for offering WAN and SD-WAN services over its global Layer 2 network with more than 40 points of presence. The new services spring from that backbone to provide additional, flexible WAN services. 

The first is based on a new iteration of Aryaka’s L2 core—the L3—which is optimized for cost and non-mission critical applications or sites that don’t require top-shelf performance. The L2 core is optimized for performance-sensitive applications.

Customers now have the option of using L3 for more traditional SD-WAN/Internet type connectivity, and users can mix and match services on the two cores as needed via a new service called Aryaka FlexCore, according to David Ginsburg, a product marketing leader with Aryaka. 

“Because we now have two tiers to offer customers it gives them flexibility to handle application and connectivity-requirement changes we didn’t offer before,” Ginsburg said.

Along with Flexcore, Aryaka has also added an application-monitoring capability called AppAssure that lets customers manage application profiles and performance, Ginsburg said.

For customers looking to rapidly deploy a SASE environment, Aryaka has introduced Prime EZ, which for now utilizes the L3 core and includes a new secure web gateway, firewall-as-a-service, web filtering, and threat protection, Ginsburg said. The security features in the Aryaka offering come from its acquisition of Secucloud in May and the company also has partnerships with Check Point and Palo Alto Networks for other security features. 

Prime EZ is aimed at small- to medium-sized enterprises, but a more a more advanced SASE offering called Smartconnect Pro that will use the company’s L2 core will be forthcoming, the company stated. That service will target mid-to-large enterprises that require high-performance networking and global application predictability, the company stated.

In addition Ayaka rolled out  SmartConnect EZ managed SD-WAN service for small-to medium enterprises. It, too, uses the L3 core to offer flexible connectivity options and the ability to upgrade to Prime EZ or SmartConnect Pro if needed.

On top of the technology, Aryaka rolled out what it called T-Shirt consumption pricing models that will standardize its quoting, bandwidth, service tiering and deployment model, the company stated.

In its recent IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure 2021 Vendor Assessment report, IDC said Aryaka offers a single subscription price that includes its Aryaka Network Access Point (ANAP)—an appliance available in multiple sizes with zero-touch provisioning capabilities—to connect into the POPs. It also offers life-cycle services management, on-ramps into IaaS and SaaS clouds, optional security tools, and last-mile connectivity management.

Aryaka offers a range of security services from its POPs, as well as integrations with on-premises security services from partners. Its cloud-based SASE capabilities will increase  as the company continues to integrate the Secucloud capabilities into its product line, IDC stated. 

On the challenges side, while Aryaka has strong technology and services integrations, the company’s platform may not be a fit for customers that want to customize or manage an SD-WAN deployment themselves or those that are not looking for a managed SD-WAN, IDC stated. Aryaka’s range of ANAP appliances has fewer user-configurable options compared with vendors with a routing heritage, IDC stated.

SmartConnect EZ and SmartConnect Pro will be available in the first quarter of 2022, while Prime EZ will be available for Beta deployments by January 2022. AppAssure will be available for all customers by January 2022.