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A businessman walks through futuristic data repository.

COVID-19 coronavirus morphology is layered amid statistical models and binary code.

COVID-19 upends disaster recovery planning

Post-pandemic plans for disaster recovery and business continuity will need to reflect new business realities.

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Ransomware: How to make sure backups are ready for a real attack

Avoid paying off ransomware attackers by following these steps to ensure backups can restore infected systems.

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NVMe over TCP: How it supercharges SSD storage using standard IP networks

For maximum storage performance, NVMe/TCP marks the next step forward in SSD networking.


Storage startup Pliops aims to boost flash performance

Rivals Intel and Nvidia are on the same side when it comes to the funding of a startup that promises to make flash storage orders of magnitude faster. The two are among numerous investors in Pliops, which is developing a...


Pure Storage, Equinix team for new bare-metal offerings

Partnership aims to offer bare metal as-a-service to provide enterprises more control, flexibility and speed during server provisioning.

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HPE debuts new Opportunity Engine for fast AI insights

Using trillions of data points this cloud-based machine learning platform can provide the optimal IT solution in seconds.

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Pure Storage expands its flash-storage systems and software lines

Pure Storage's Purity software and capacity-optimized flash platform add new file support and ransomware protection.

A businessman walks through futuristic data repository.

ExaGrid updates and streamlines its backup appliances

New storage systems take up less space than prior generations and offer greater capacity than its competitors.

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Hyperconvergence as a service offers hands-off data-center management

A managed hyperconvergence service can provide data-center operators with cost benefits, reduced staff workloads, and cloud-related scalability benefits.

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Nutanix expands hybrid-cloud features to support unstructured data

Nutanix Objects and Files software now supports scale-out storage fabrics across different cloud environments.


Pure Storage offers on-demand storage service

A new Pure Storage service uses a flexible consumption model that spans on-premises and the cloud.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

Dell launches its first all-flash object storage appliance

Object storage is no longer 'slow, cheap, and deep,' according to Dell, which positions its new EXF900 array for AI and cloud-native use.

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Network engineers wake up to computational storage

Next-generation computational storage systems are coming to the fore that perform processing operations on the storage device itself to reduce internal system transport time, reduce application bottlenecks and pave the way to more...

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Low demand and high production create a bargain for SSD drives

Demand for PC and server SSDs has weakened, so now may be the time for enterprise IT buyers to buy or negotiate.


Intel and Lightbits Labs team to improve storage performance

The collaboration is designed to speed up Lightbits NVMe/TCP storage, reducing enterprise reliance on Fibre Channel and improving storage hardware utilization.

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Edge Computing [ Network World / September 2020 ]

4 essential edge-computing use cases

Placing processing power and storage at the edge of enterprise networks takes many forms but delivers faster response times and can reduce the need for WAN bandwidth.

big data / data center / server racks / storage / binary code / analytics

New Arm processor promises smart storage

Arm's Cortex-R82 can do both storage and data processing at the same time.


Pure Storage unveils an all-flash hybrid-storage killer

With massively increased capacity, the FlashArray//C storage platform from Pure Storage eliminates the need for hard-disk storage, the company claims.

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