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Intel Optane 3D Xpoint DIMM
Abstract network connections conceptually layered with a city skyline and a virtual globe.


Western Digital rolls out NVMe-over-Fabric SSDs for legacy storage migration

An all-flash NVMeoF system from Western Digital is designed to replace SATA and SAS for high-performance applications in the enterprise.

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Pros and cons of cloud storage

Cloud storage offers many advantages over on-premises data storage. Scalability at the push of a button (up or down), accessibility from any device at any location, and pay-per-usage pricing are a few of the draws. But there are some...

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Backblaze HDD report shows the resilience of hard disk drives

With an almost flawless failure rate despite constant use, mechanical drives still have a place in computing.


KIOXIA innovates a software-enabled flash-drive controller

In a first, the former Toshiba group introduces software-managed flash drives, something HDDs could never do.


Hitachi Vantara storage platform targets midsize enterprises

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform E990 delivers enterprise features including high ratio deduplication and AI management.

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8 reasons to consider hyperconverged infrastructure for your data center

Hyperconvergence offers speed and simplicity compared to the old ways of server configuration.

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For secure data backup, here’s how to do the 3-2-1 rule right

The venerable 3-2-1 rule for backing up data remains a tried-and-true method for insuring the integrity of copied data that is essential to disaster recovery efforts, but it has to be done properly.

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Japanese firm announces potential 80TB hard drives

Using some very fancy physics for stacking electrons, Showa Denko K.K. plans to quadruple the top end of proposed capacity.


IBM consolidates storage products under a single brand

Big Blue is the latest to pare down multiple storage products under one umbrella, after HPE did it last summer.


How to back up Kubernetes and Docker

You don’t have to back up everything about every container, but it’s important to back up configurations for running and managing them in case of disaster.

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Google Cloud launches Archive cold storage service

Archive will focus on long-term data retention and compete against AWS Glacier, Microsoft Cool Blob Storage, and IBM Cloud Storage.


HPE and Cumulus Networks partner for open storage

The deal between HPE and Cumulus Networks is designed to address the increased network and storage demands of techs like AI, IoT.

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Price of NAND memory chips projected to rise up to 40%

SSD drives could become very expensive this year if one projection is accurate.

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8 best practices for all-flash storage

IT Central Station offers advice from users of HPE Nimble Storage on how to work optimally with all-flash storage arrays.

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Seagate doubles HDD performance with multi-actuator technology

By using two separate drive heads, a single drive effectively becomes two in Seagate's Exos 2X14 hard disk drive. Microsoft is testing the technology in its Azure data centers.

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Researchers experiment with glass-based storage that doesn't require electronics cooling

A Microsoft Research project uses laser optics and artificial intelligence to store data in quartz glass.

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SSD vs. HDD: Choosing between solid-state and hard-disk drives

Hard disk drives may be headed into history, but before the last drive spins down, IT teams will need to navigate an HDD-to-SSD transition period. Here's a look at current options and best practices.

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5 disruptive storage technologies for 2020

Leading-edge technologies, including NVMe, storage class memory, and intent-based storage management, promise to change the way IT organizations store, manage and use data.

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