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A businessman walks through futuristic data repository.

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Backblaze report shows slight uptick in HDD failure rates

Annualized failure rates of hard-disk drives (HDD) had fallen over the past few years, but Q1 2019 shows a slight increase, a new Backblaze report shows.

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Some IT pros say they have too much data

IT professionals have too many data sources to count, and they spend a huge amount of time wrestling that data into usable condition, a survey from Ivanti finds.


Revolutionary data compression technique could slash compute costs

A new form of data compression, called Zippads, will create faster computer programs that could drastically lower the costs of computing.

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How data storage will shift to blockchain

Move over cloud and traditional in-house enterprise data center storage, distributed storage based on blockchain may be arriving imminently.

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Startup MemVerge combines DRAM and Optane into massive memory pool

MemVerge software combines regular DRAM with Intel’s Optane DIMM persistent memory into a single clustered storage pool that doesn't require any changes to applications.

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As memory prices plummet, PCIe is poised to overtake SATA for SSDs

Falling prices will increase use of SSDs in enterprise and data center applications, which is expected to further drive the adoption of PCI Express drives.

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New chemistry-based data storage would blow Moore’s Law out of the water

If successful, a computing technique being developed by researchers at Arizona State University would allow transistors to fit on individual molecules – smaller than Moore ever envisioned.

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Western Digital launches SSDs for different enterprise use cases

Western Digital, a company synonymous with hard-disk technology, introduced a pair of SSDs for markedly different use -- the Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 NVMe SSD and the Western Digital CL SN720 NVMe SSD.


What is hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence aims to simplify data center operations by combining compute, storage and networking in a single system. Enterprises can choose an integrated HCI appliance from a single vendor, or hardware-agnostic hyperconvergence...

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HPE predicts storage-class memory will replace NAND flash

Storage-class memory (SCM) will eventually supplant NAND flash as the high-speed storage medium of choice, says Ivan Iannaccone, VP and general manager of HPE’s 3PAR storage unit.

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How to pick an off-site data-backup method

When determining how to move data to a backup facility, you must balance cost, risk level, speed of data recovery, and how much data you can afford to lose.

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What is an SSD? How solid-state drives work

Solid state drives use interconnected pools of flash memory that are managed by an SSD controller to deliver speeds far beyond what a hard disk drive (HDD) can offer.

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HPE aims superfast Memory-Driven Flash storage at real-time workloads

HPE is targeting a new class of storage it calls Memory-Driven Flash at enterprise data centers that are increasingly being called on to handle real-time analytics, high-speed transactions, big data and AI workloads demanding more...

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Mass data fragmentation requires a storage rethink

A fresh approach to secondary storage is required to solve the growing mass data fragmentation (MDF) problem.

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Understanding mass data fragmentation

Data is viewed as the primary source of fuel for digital transformation, but mass data fragmentation is holding companies back.

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Tape vs. disk storage: Why isn’t tape dead yet?

Despite the many advantages of disk storage for backing up data, shipments of tape storage keep growing because for some jobs, tape is best.

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The correct levels of backup save time, bandwidth, space

Backup and recovery done efficiently require use of multiple backup levels carefully thought out so a full backup isn’t needed as often if incremental and differential backups are properly planned.

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