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Pure Storage debuts denser blade-based flash storage system

Pure Storage wants to provide high-volume flash-based storage at a lower price point to attract users of unstructured data.

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Hard-drive failure rates tied to age in latest Backblaze analysis

Hardware durability metrics are drawn from the cloud storage provider’s portfolio of more than 230,000 hard drives under management.

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Meta considers liquid to cool its hard drives

Tests by Meta and Iceotope find that new, sealed hard disk drives can be given precision liquid cooling that is more even than air cooling.

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Seagate introduces HDDs as fast as SSDs

Seagates Exos 2X18 features multiple drive heads that enable it to match SATA SSD speeds.

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Dell expands data-protection product line

News includes upgrade of Dell’s APEX data storage services to provide more secure backup storage in a pay-per-use consumption model.


NetApp unifies its storage offerings under a new BlueXP roof

All of NetApp’s dozen-odd storage software products will now work via the new BlueXP control layer, in a move to simplify storage management for IT teams.

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Report: Price of flash memory to drop faster, further in Q4

TrendForce Research predicts that oversupply of SSDs will lead to price cuts as much as 20% in Q4 2022.

Data center corridor of servers with abstract overlay of digital connections.

VMware embraces DPUs to stretch the use of CPUs

VMware eases the use of SmartNICs based on digital processing units to handle networking, security, storage, and other processes, freeing up enterprise-server CPU cycles.


Seagate launches self-healing storage technology

Seagate's Exos storage arrays can rebuild data from failed hard drives, leaving the rest of the drives in the array operational and reducing the frequency of swapping out bad drives.

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SSD roundup: New products deliver speed, density gains

Enterprise SSD products are separating themselves from their consumer counterparts by getting faster, smarter and denser.

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Dell upgrades PowerStore hardware, software

PowerStore performance gains include faster Intel processors, greater scalability, and tools to simplify NVMe capacity expansion.

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8 enterprise storage trends to watch

Advanced storage technologies, including DNA storage and immutable backups, are on the horizon, but some are further from mainstream adoption than others.


Micron ships high density SATA-based SSDs for data centers

The old SATA interface may be much slower than PCIe but it is still useful in many use cases.

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New PCI Express spec doubles the bit rate

PCIe continues to double its data rate, targeting 800G Ethernet and cloud computing.

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StorONE enables HDD connectivity over NVMe-oF

New enterprise storage system can connect NVMe SSDs and HDDs on one platform, which means users don’t have to maintain separate all-flash and hard-disk arrays.


IBM launches a software-defined storage server for AI

IBM says the ESS 3500 storage devices will improve AI training by up to 70%.

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Pure Storage, Snowflake partner for on-premises data warehousing

Snowflake has always worked in the cloud, but some data warehouses are on premises, and that needed to be addressed.

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Western Digital unveils 26TB hard drives, 15TB enterprise SSD

Storage giant updates its high-capacity hard drives and SSDs and debuts a new portable storage device.

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