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HPE expands GreenLake services into new markets

HPE adds to its on-prem Greenlake cloud services program with ransomware-recovery, data lakehouse support, and tools for evaluating and rationalizing enterprise efforts to move data to the cloud.

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14 things you need to know about data storage management

Data storage and management experts discuss what steps you need to take to properly manage and store data and why just backing up data is not enough.

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Tape backup as a defense vs. ransomware

Tape isn’t close to being the perfect backup, but it is pretty impervious to ransomware.

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IBM ships high-density tape drives based on lastest spec

IBM's Linear Tape-Open 9 (LTO-9) Ultrium magnetic tape drive promises greater density, performance and resiliency.

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AWS, NetApp team up for a cloud-native file system

Amazon brings its file storage service to NetApp’s ONTAP storage system.

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Western Digital announces a hybrid hard drive

Western Digital hopes to get hybrid storage right by combining HDD with NAND and a CPU.

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How to buy hyperconverged infrastructure: What to ask before investing in HCI

HCI purchases start with deciding software vs. appliance and considering scalability, orchestration capabilities, and cloud compatibility to narrow the options.


Western Digital, Kioxia could be talking merger

If Western Digital does merge with Kioxia, WD would be a storage giant far ahead of the competition.

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How to choose the best NVMe storage array

NVMe arrays are the highest performance storage solutions available, offering a massive speed boost for enterprises willing to make the investment. Here’s how to select the right NVMe solution for you.

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5 things you need to know about pay-per-use hardware

Consumption-based pricing for on-prem storage, servers and network gear can bring greater agility, but evaluating pricing requires financial acumen. Contracts may involve long-term commitments and minimum payments, and the hardware...

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ITRenew and Vapor IO partner for edge infrastructure and connectivity

ITRenew will provide the slightly used data-center hardware, and Vapor IO will provide the colocation, networking and interconnection services.

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Computational storage startup Pliops launches flagship product

The Pliops eXtreme Data Processor moves your app to flash storage to process data where it resides rather than load it into memory.

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SSD prices expected to spike as Intel, AMD ship new server processors

New server processors from Intel and AMD are due at the same time, which means a sales spike and accompanying price hike for enterprise SSDs.

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IBM builds ransomware protection into on-prem storage

IBM's Safeguarded Copy takes a snapshot of your systems and stores it where ransomware can't reach it.


Ransomware recovery: Plan for it now

Make a disaster-recovery plan to address ransomware attacks, and start with stopping its spread, IDing the variant and getting ready to get restore your files.

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NetApp makes big hybrid-cloud push

NetApp announces its ONTAP operating system, FlexPod storage appliance and a hybrid cloud-storage arrangement with Equinix.


New NVMe spec brings new support for hard drives

Legacy spinning media will live alongside SSDs with the new non-volatile memory express 2.0 protocol that addresses the needs of HDDs.


Pure Storage inches toward a cloud business model

The company is offering its products and capabilities as services in a hybrid multi-cloud world.

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