How to fix Firefox on Windows hanging on exit and not restarting

Longtime reader and computer wrangler Miles Baska just tweeted the following suggestion to solve a problem that many Firefox users on Windows are apparently suffering through: Firefox hanging on exit then giving error when restarted.

Miles notes you can fix this by changing your history settings, or live with the problem until Mozilla gets around to fixing it but in the meantime he has a better and simple suggestion: Create a batch file called, say, killfox.bat, on your desktop that contains: 

<span class="s1">taskkill /im firefox.exe /f
</span><span class="s1">pause </span>

Miles explains you now have a way to kill Firefox when it won't die a natural death and notes the hack works on Windows 7. Thanks, Miles.

Firefox logo courtesy Mozilla

Note: The taskkill utility has been included in the Windows utilities since Windows XP and is well documented by Microsoft. The /im switch is followed by the name of the image you want to terminate, in this case "firefox.exe", and the /f switch specifies that the termination should be forceful.

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