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Sherman, set The Wayback Machine

Having long harbored a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with online opinion surveys, it's somewhat surprising to me that I so often enjoy the polls on Slashdot. They just seem to strike a proper balance between the provocative and the irreverent, oftentimes combining the two.

Here's what they're asking today:

Given one free trip to the past in a time machine, I would..

  • Witness an amazing historical event
  • Meet a long-dead hero
  • Go back a few years and invest in something
  • Set right what once went wrong
  • Kill Hitler
  • Kill grandad, to check the timeline's error handling
  • Leave behind a blatant anachronism
  • Prevent Firefly from getting cancelled

One option - the one I picked - has proven to be the choice of 43% of the 38,500 votes registered as I type, or three times as many as the next most popular time-travel experience. Care to guess?

Time's up.

Here's the giveaway from the comments section: "One dollar worth of Cisco stock bought in 1990 would be worth about $70,000 today."

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