Testing your destination imagination

All aboard for ....?

Train station sign

Network World Test Alliance partner Joel Snyder posted this photo to his Facebook page over the weekend with the caption: "Seen at Rome Ostiense station ... From the destination, I'm guessing that this must be a private train."

At which point the network/train humor from Snyder's friends became unstoppable (names removed for lack of permissions ... and to protect the guilty):

"Did you try pinging it? I wonder what the 'round trip time' is like."

"Let's at least hope the train is on its own collision domain."

"Traceroute? Great opportunity to find out firsthand what it's like to be encapsulated ... but do they really only accept a CRC for the fare?"

"Bet it goes through an IPSec tunnel."

"It is more like a GRE tunnel than an IPSEC one."

"Watch out for the twisted conductors ... they are apparently full of crosstalk if they don't like how you pass other passengers getting on and off."

You want to play, you know you do.

(Update: Had to pass along this comment about the picture left on Digg: "So the Internet IS just a bunch of tubes.")

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