Weather forecasting with cell towers?

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Weather forecasting with cell towers? 05/08/06

Israeli researchers report that signal strength data, which is automatically collected at cellular towers, can be more accurate than weather radar for calculating rainfall.

Microsoft, Qualcomm to partner on wireless, 05/08/06

Microsoft and Qualcomm have agreed to share with wireless handset and equipment makers more data on how Windows software and Qualcomm's cellular radio chips work with each other. The deal is intended to make it easier for handset makers to use the ...

Shipping company grows with RFID, 05/08/06

A wireless tracking system now lets a big container shipping firm move containers faster through its 300-acre West Coast terminal, boosting the yard’s capacity and pleasing truckers, who now spend less time searching for their loads.

Art imitates wireless network at Ball State University, 05/08/06

How do you get users to understand and appreciate an asset as invisible as a wireless network? That was the challenge faced by artists, musicians and technologists at Ball State University who created a digital media sculpture that gives shape and ...

WLAN products extend radio and traffic management, 05/08/06

Wireless vendors at last week's Interop show unveiled products that let network administrators better handle not only different types of wireless traffic but also different types of wireless connections.

Tracking troops via vision systems and wireless, 05/08/06

An innovative vision system coupled with portable computers and a tactical wireless mesh net could help soldiers find their way through battlefield chaos more accurately and safely.

Visto sues RIM for patent infringement, 05/08/06

BlackBerry users have another patent lawsuit to worry about. Just weeks after their service was nearly shut down by a lawsuit brought by NTP, the wireless e-mail devices are now being threatened by legal action brought by software provider Visto.

Google won't do Silicon Valley Wi-Fi, 05/04/06

Google is steering clear of a wireless competition to cover a large region just outside its planned San Francisco Wi-Fi project, a company spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.

Nokia, ATI to collaborate on mobile multimedia tech, 05/04/06

Nokia and ATI Technologies are partnering to try to simplify and drive the development of multimedia capabilities for Nokia phones, the companies said on Thursday.

Move to push Wi-Fi into Linux kernel, 05/03/06

Devicescape Software, a company with a history of developing Wi-Fi software for embedded devices, has released its Linux wireless LAN driver software to open source developers. The move may ultimately see native Wi-Fi capabilities integrated into the ...

Opera Mini 2.0 aims to simplify mobile commerce, 05/03/06

Opera Software ASA said Wednesday that it aims to make it easier for mobile users to buy ringtones and other mobile content with the availability of the Opera Mini 2.0 browser.

Options for Wi-Fi benchmarking ahead of 802.11.2, 05/03/06

There are several factors fueling the need for consistent Wi-Fi performance benchmark testing, a goal of 802.11 Task Group T in its design of an 802 ...

IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN draft fails to advance on initial vote, 05/03/06

The draft IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN standard failed to move forward on a vote this week. Adversaries on the IEEE's 11n task force quickly issued dueling interpretations of what the failure means.

EU to mandate battery recycling, 05/03/06

Manufacturers and resellers of batteries for devices including laptops and phones will be obliged to dispose of spent batteries, and new batteries will be restricted in the amount of mercury and cadmium they can contain, according to a new Europe-wide ...

Interop: Symbol plans pan-wireless infrastructure, 05/03/06

Symbol plans to build a single system that lets enterprises combine many types of wireless networks.

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