Eight corporate anthems to die for

As corporate anthems go, it’s not a splash but we are always surprised to see companies come out with new ones.  Here we have a recent song from SalesForce.com: "Dev Life".  It contains the lyrics:” I'm coding Unix Windows Linux;  I've got the dev life going mama; I'm like the coding Dalai Lama.”  Coding like the Dalai Lama? ! Yikes.    Salesforce.com’s song is one in a long list of mostly embarrassing songs high-tech companies insist on producing year in and year out. IBM is arguably the leader in corporate sacred song producing.  Big Blue founder Thomas Watson Sr., in order to keep employees motivated, collected songs employees had written about IBM into a book dubbed “Songs of the IBM,” which the company first published in 1927. Watson felt that song singing was a way to build character and instill company loyalty. “Songs of the IBM” included more than 80 IBM-specific ditties, including the rollicking rally song "Ever Onward IBM," written in 1931 by IBM'er Frederick Tappe. But IBM isn’t alone in these off beaters. Fujitsu, Checkpoint Symantec, Texas Instruments and many others have entered the rarified air of corporate songbirds.  Here are links to eight of our favorite ditties.  I know there are tons more out there, send them along if you get the chance.  

·          Ever Onward IBM 

·          Ahhhhh Fujitsu! 

·          Texas Instruments Fast Forward 

·          Checkpoint: We secure the Internet

·          The Symantec Revolution 

·          The Free Software Song 

·          Ode to Sarbanes Oxley 

·          Ernst & Young 

A while back, The Register had a poll of the world’s worst corporate anthems.  Among its final votes were the awful  Drupa 1986 song  and one for KPMG.  Cover your ears and sing along.  

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