Hyperconverged infrastructure vendors: 10 hot HCI startups to watch

With interest growing in hyperconverged infrastructure, large tech incumbents have been buying startups with HCI expertise, but there remains a lot more startups carving out niches. Here are 10 of them.


The rapidly growing hyperconverged infrastructure industry is starting to consolidate, with tech giants HPE, Juniper Networks, Cisco and Red Hat all buying promising HCI startups. But there remains a strong group of young, independent companies focused on HCI and surrounding technologies that has attracted big financial investment.

The 10 hot startups selected here have pulled down nearly half a billion dollars in venture capital. They're developing everything from full-stack HCI to scale-out NVMe, and from HCI for containerized environments to memory converged infrastructure. It’s a safe bet that at least a few of them will be coming to a data center near you very soon.

Apeiron Data Systems

Year founded: 2013

Funding: $35 million

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