Ethernet Alliance study finds Power over Ethernet issues

Reliability, connection issues, failure to deliver power traced to interoperability issues with Power over Ethernet.

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Martyn Williams/IDGNS

Four out five users experience challenges with power over Ethernet (PoE) deployments, according to a new survey of nearly 800 Ethernet designers, manufacturers, resellers, system integrators, network operators and others.

Conducted by the Ethernet Alliance in January, the study  found a number of key PoE insights, including:

  • Four out of five users experienced issues, including support, reliability, or connection challenges.
  • The top three PoE installations are cameras and phones, as well as computing and storage devices;
  • Of customers planning to implement PoE 63% said they would need 30w; 47% would need between 30-60w and 27% need greater than 60w.

With the global market projected to grow to $2 billion by 2025, PoE remains a wellspring of lucrative opportunities for designers, systems integrators, and solutions providers, David Tremblay, chair of the alliance's PoE Subcommittee, and system architect for Aruba, said in a statement. “Despite this good news, there are significant challenges that could threaten PoE’s growing adoption.”

According to the survey those chief PoE challenges include, vendor support, unreliable power or operation, long repair times, and first-time connection issues.

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