Networking software can ease the complexity of multicloud management

Cloud providers offer their own security, networking, and management-and-orchestration tools that third-party networking software platforms can abstract to make management simpler for enterprise IT teams.

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Deploying and operating applications in multiple public clouds is critical to many IT leaders, and networking software can help.

Migrating applications to cloud infrastructure requires scale, performance, and, importantly, automation. But achieving them all can be challenging due to limited visibility into that infrastructure and the fact that each IaaS platform has proprietary controls for networking and security that can make multicloud operations highly manual and therefore time consuming.

As a result, IT teams can be challenged to quickly resolve application performance issues, protect against external attacks and reduce costs. Their goal should be to combine the agility of IaaS resources with the security, manageability and control of their physical network.

Networking software installed by enterprise customers within their multicloud infrastructure can leverage cloud-native capabilities to provide the enhanced security, visibility and control they seek. Advances in software networking can enable IT teams to quickly deploy cloud-based applications via automation and to control them by abstracting the native tools each cloud provider packages with its services.

The need for multicloud

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