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Actifio debuts, introduces new data protection applications

Aug 25, 20102 mins

Manages the life cyle of data with a single copy

To hear Ash Ashutosh, CEO and founder of Actifio tell it, there are too many copies of data made when backing up, replicating and deduplicating information. 

Ashutosh says there has to be a better way to streamline these operations and reduce the amount of data being created. His company Actifio has introduced a product that does just that. Actifio DP for data protection, Actifio DR for disaster recovery and Actifio BC for business continuity are built on Actifio’s Virtual Dat Pipeline, which virtualizes the separate silos of data management into a single pool that can be used to spawn data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Actifio says that customers often deploy multiple point tools – backup and recovery software, replication software, etc. – and that they build complexity into their daily operations. The copies of data created by these applications can overwhelm the primary business data.

Actifio enables a service-level agreement for each application that defines the application, its appropriate SLA and how to deliver the SLA. It integrates capacity optimization with deduplication, compression, encryption and network usage and results in the creation of virtual copies of data that can be used throughout the information’s lifecycle.

Actifio is available now starting at $200,000 depending on the amount of data being managed.