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Unscripted: Action flick director Michael Bay’s CES schtick blows up

Jan 07, 20141 min

Transformers director Bay walks off stage after teleprompter glitch during Samsung TV pitch

Never mind the dual-OS devices and wearable gadgets rolling out at the International CES event in Las Vegas: Movie director/producer Michael Bay stole the show Monday when he suddenly walked off stage during a scripted “chat” about new Samsung curved TVs after his teleprompter failed.

Bay, best known for loud, action-packed movies such as the Transformers series and Armageddon, exited stage right after saying that in his films he tries to “take people on an emotional ride” and then apologizing for freezing up.

A Samsung executive was left awkwardly finishing up the presentation.

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Bay followed up with a brief blog post that starts with: “Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES…” Though his followers were supportive, assuring him that public speaking is never easy.

It certainly won’t be the last awkward tech trade show presentation we come across. In fact, I’d say it was a lot less painful than that hokey Samsung Galaxy S4 spectacle in New York City last March…