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Stratus unveils low-end fault-tolerant server

Mar 16, 20062 mins
Data Center

* Stratus ftServer W Series 2400 is an entry-level server priced under $10,000

Stratus Technologies last week rolled out its latest fault-tolerant server, which allows six-nines of availability.

The Stratus ftServer W Series 2400 system is an entry-level server that costs under $10,000.

It uses the same architecture as Stratus’ ftServer 4300, 4600 and 5700 and is suited for low-end clustered servers with single points of failure, standby server configurations or most high-end single servers.

It is also well-suited for locations where lights-out systems management is desired, such as warehouses, branch offices and retail chains.

The ftServer W Series 2400 is available in either rack-mountable or pedestal configuration. It uses 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon processors and supports Windows 2003 Standard Edition, up to 4G bytes of memory and a variety of both internal and external storage options.

For internal storage, the server can support 74G-, 160G- or 400G-bytes Serial ATA drives. Externally, two optional Fibre Channel adapters can support connectivity to a storage-area network or JBOD (just a bunch of disks). Ultra320 tape connectivity is also available.

The server is 4U high. Its processors operate in lockstep – they each process the same instructions at the same time. In the event a component fails, the partner component becomes the active spare and operations continue uninterrupted until the original component is replaced.

All Stratus systems feature a fault-tolerant remote access controller that connects to Stratus’ ActiveService network. The Virtual Technician Module allows a service engineer to remotely perform diagnosis and troubleshooting of the server.