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Cisco raising router security

Jun 21, 20042 mins

Latest LAN news.

Cisco raising router security, 06/21/04

Cisco will announce availability of its Network Admission Control security technology for Cisco routers this week and lay out a road map for adding NAC capabilities to its lines of LAN switches.

HP network group digs in its heels, 06/21/04

New LAN and WAN gear from HP, and a recent acquisition of 10G Ethernet technology, are new signals that the enterprise computing giant is serious about becoming the alternative to Cisco for corporate network executives.

Newsletter: 10 Gigabit adapter cuts latency, 06/17/04

Start-up Chelsio Communications is touting a 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter that the company claims is the world’s fastest, with less than 10 microseconds of latency.

Wardriving for WLAN security, 06/16/04

The 4th Annual Worldwide Wardrive is under way this week, with volunteers scanning the airwaves in a neighborhood near you for WLAN access points.

Newsletter: VLANs for voice?, 06/16/04

Lately, I’ve heard many mentions, pro and con, of using virtual LANs to solve QoS challenges in wireless LANs. If like me, you’ve been confused by some of this talk, read on.