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Jun 17, 20042 mins
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* Survey reveals professionals need better leadership skills

How would your staff rate your communications skills? According to a recent survey of professionals across industries, many leaders need to do a better job getting their message across.

Executive coaching firm Bates Communications sponsored the survey, which was conducted by J. Patterson Associates. Of the 293 workers polled, 91% say effective communication is key to leadership. However, fewer of half of respondents rated their boss as effective in inspiring others, sharing critical information, or leading a meeting.

Only half of respondents admire their boss’s public speaking skills. A full 49% say their boss is average or weak when communicating at a human level, and only 50% say their boss listens wells to comments and suggestions.

“This is a wake-up call for bosses everywhere,” says Suzanne Bates, President and CEO of Bates Communications.  “Running meetings and sharing critical information with employees are essential day-to-day activities for a leader.  Far too few of those surveyed say their bosses speak in a way that motivates or inspires them to action.”

How can leaders improve their communications skills? Respondents offer this advice:

* Share more information.

* Keep it real.

* Listen.

* Know the organization and its people.

* Walk the walk.

* Delegate and trust.

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