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NetEx sends IP data at ‘hyper’ speed

Jul 13, 20042 mins
Enterprise Applications

* Network Executive Software’s acceleration device for long distances

Network Executive Software, or NetEx for short, says its product offers enterprise IT managers a faster way to deliver TCP applications over long-distance IP networks.

The company made available earlier this year its HyperIP acceleration device that the company says can speed WAN data transmission by up to 10 times. According to Steve Thompson, director of storage networking at the Minneapolis company, the acceleration device does not require any changes to applications or storage systems to deliver results.

Thompson says NetEx competes with vendors such as Orbital Data and compression veterans like Peribit and has been in the acceleration and optimization business since the early 1980s.

HyperIP can support speeds from DS-3 to Gigabit Ethernet and can deliver performance improvements over hundreds of thousands of miles, the company says. The appliance can accelerate mission-critical applications, such as storage networking over IP (including data replication, mirroring, snapshot and backup/restore tasks); bulk data transfer between applications; data warehousing and data mining; and moving images.

Thompson says the three main value propositions for HyperIP are:

* Production-hardened packet loss shield: This feature protects applications from variations in circuit conditions that may only happen occasionally but cause disruptions such as jitter, bit errors and bandwidth changes

* Application acceleration over a WAN: This feature enables the appliance to overcome the effects of long distances or latency on TCP/IP traffic

* Data compression: The company’s block-level compression can offer speed improvements, even over connections ranging from 6M bit/sec to OC-3

Network managers install the appliance by connecting it to 100M bit/sec or Gigabit Ethernet network segments.

Available now, pricing for HyperIP ranges between $20,000 and $100,000, depending on connection speed and licensing.