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Start-up rolls out Ethernet in the First Mile

Jul 27, 20042 mins

* EFM switches ship from start-up Nayna Networks

San Jose start-up Nayna Networks this week built out its line of switches that use Ethernet in the First Mile, the standard approved by the IEEE last month.

Ethernet in the First Mile, or EFM, brings the LAN technology to the realm of WAN access. Nayna’s products would be used by service providers to put Ethernet-based access in the hands of their customers.

Nayna bills the ExpressStream series as a platform for delivering voice, video and data to company campuses and high-density residential and business buildings – a bridge between carrier and enterprise infrastructures. The switches support remote traffic monitoring, alarm reporting and configuration intelligence.

The switches have features intended to appeal to service providers, like hot-swappable Ethernet transceivers for fiber-optic interfaces and upstream and downstream per-port rate control. With quality-of-service controls and support for virtual LANs, a single fiber-optic line can carry multiple services.

The switches range from the ExpressStream XE-1100 with 1.2G bit/sec of throughput to the ExpressStream XE-1400 Multi-port Switch with 3.2G bit/sec of throughput.

Nayna touts the ExpressStream family’s ability to handle not only IP traffic, but also legacy time-division multiplexing traffic and RF video. Other members in the family will scale to 32G bit/sec in throughput, the company says. Nayna says it has already delivered ExpressStream products to customers in Korea and Japan.